Why Everyone Should Have First Aid Training in the Workplace

Health and safety guidelines within the workplace are part of the law in the UK. 200,000 workplace injuries occur every year, therefore ensuring that employees are trained in first aid is crucial for the safety of the workforce.

Not only is this importance vital for physical wellbeing, but also mental stability – especially for vulnerable employees who suffer from severe health issues. Despite the Health and Safety Regulations (1981) requiring all workplaces to provide necessary equipment and facilities, there are some workplaces which refuse to abide. Due to this, serious consequences can arise.

Here are 3 reasons why your company needs first aid training!

Paramedic practicing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR on a dummy

Should there be any sort of incident, an employee trained in first aid can manage the situation effectively before it escalates into a serious issue. Those few minutes before an ambulance arrives could be crucial to life or death.

Feeling Secure

Should any employee have existing conditions, knowing that they can be assisted in the event of an emergency can be a huge relief. There is nothing worse than suffering in silence, worrying about what lies around the corner. Another employee who has trained in first aid could provide the relevant medication or safety regime required, before something simple turns into a real emergency.

The Industry

If your workplace is a high-risk environment where injuries or health concerns are likely, a larger group of employees should be trained with basic first aid knowledge. Accidents do occur unfortunately, especially if the workplace consists of dangerous machinery or tools that could cause severe issues. Don’t take the risk.

Male Instructor Teaching First Aid Cpr Technique To His Students
All workplaces within the UK must abide by the health and safety regulations and have:

• A first-aid kit
• An employee trained in first-aid
• Arrangements put in place, should any employee require special needs in the event of an emergency.

The type of training provided will most likely be diverse due to the nature of each workplace, yet basic first aid knowledge is a must. A life could be saved. If you would like further information on first aid training courses in Peterborough, please contact us today to learn more about our services.

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