What Does a First Responder Do?

Qualified first responders act as the first port of call in an incident, whilst you are waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Sometimes they make the decision as to whether an emergency vehicle needs to be called. They are, as the name suggests, the first to respond to a medical emergency and can deliver a level of care which can keep the person alive and comfortable until more advanced treatment can be given.

The job of a first responder is of critical importance, firstly in keeping a potentially distressing situation calm, and secondly in providing near-instant care which can greatly impact the recovery prospects of the person who is hurt or ill.


What are FPOS Courses?

First Person On Scene (FPOS) training courses provide further training to people qualified in first aid, increasing their ability to provide a suitable care solution, before further medical support arrives. The training course will teach you how to conduct a rapid assessment, how to stabilise the person and how to deal with someone suffering from a medical emergency or trauma. Once you are trained as a First Person On Scene, you’ll be able to take your skills and expertise across the world with you. The skills you develop will help to ensure that you’re equipped to deal with a range of scenarios you may find yourself in.

What are the Responsibilities of a First Responder?

As a first responder, you will understand the importance of creating a safe scene around where the incident has happened, and how to minimise the risk of infection. You will be specially trained in how to assess a patient, and how to communicate effectively with the person as the first medical responder to reach them. As a first responder, the skills you learn will help you respond to adults, children and infants, addressing issues including: heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, epilepsy, asthma, and casualties who are unconscious. First responders are also able to assess respiratory problems and whether the person is having trouble breathing. All of the skills you learn on First Person on Scene courses, could literally be the difference between life and death.

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