Tips for UK Travel with a Special Needs Child

Getting children out of the house, into a vehicle and calmly delivering them to their destination can be challenging at the best of times. But travelling even short distances with a little one with special needs magnifies the pitfalls enormously.

Not only do you have a potentially upset or uncomfortable child to contend with, you may have equipment and medications that must be close to hand throughout the journey.

For some parents and carers, even the simplest of trips can seem too daunting, so they only venture out for hospital appointments and other mandatory excursions.

But are there ways to make it much easier to travel with a child who has special needs? And can this open up more exploration and fun for your family?


Professional Hands to Help

It’s great if you can be independent and use your own car, but that can be overwhelming, which is the last thing you need for supposedly fun trips! Shop around for friendly, reliable transport services to give you a “hand”, that don’t cost an arm and a leg.


Practice Makes Perfect

If you would love regular trips out to the seaside, zoo or shows, then why not practise with short local outings first?

Book transport to take you to a local park or shopping centre. Your child becomes familiar with the process and you build up confidence. You may also feel far braver once you have experienced the friendly and professional support of trained Special Needs Transport staff.


Preparation and Planning

If you have a kit bag of essentials prepared and ready well in advance, it gives you time to check and double check the contents, and on the day you can concentrate on keeping the child’s mood up.


Choose Specialist Transport Services

Many taxi companies provide vehicles with wheelchair access but that’s not always enough, especially when it comes to transporting a child with acute special needs or serious medical conditions. The Human Touch Special Needs Transport team have the equipment and staff to cope with everything from mobility problems to potentially life-threatening issues.


Soothing a Child with Special Needs

One of the most daunting aspects of travelling with a child who has special needs is the concern they will become distressed by the trip. Having their favourite toys, covers and foods helps to distract and comfort. However, having transport support from staff who are trained to engage with children can be a godsend.

Ambulance Transport in Lincolnshire is provided by the team at Human Touch. It means all special needs transport requirements and is provided by friendly and professional staff, familiar with meeting the care needs of children with communication impairments, or behavioural, emotional or social difficulties.

The Human Touch Special Education Needs transport team and vehicles are there to ensure you and your child have a more enjoyable trip, whether it’s a hospital appointment, day out or journey to school.

If you want to discuss how you and your child can get out and about with greater confidence and enjoyment contact us today.

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