The Importance of Having Qualified Transporters

When it comes to serious health situations, there should be no short cuts. That is why that at Human Touch, we ensure all of our staff are professionally trained to ensure the risks taken are at a minimum.

First Contact

Infortunio e assistenza
If there is a medical emergency, first responders need to be able to deal with any situation. When first responders arrive, the entire team needs to be on the same page, otherwise lives could be at risk. The staff that are in charge of moving the patient from the dangerous situation to the hospital are some of the most important on the team because of this, and therefore appropriate qualifications are essential.


Once a team has got the patient(s) safely into a vehicle, the transporter takes charge. These staff need to know how to communicate in a calm and succinct manner with patients throughout the entire journey: the mental stress and unanswered questions that patients face can be as dangerous as the medical situations they are facing.

Furthermore, the person in charge of transporting the patient needs to be trained to deal with often stressful situations. In many cases, time is a limited resource, so not only do transporters need to be able to keep the patient calm, they need to get them to the destination as soon as possible.

It isn’t just imperative to be qualified in emergency situations, either: even transporting a patient from a hospital to a nursing home requires staff with a soothing temperament and handling expertise to ensure the patient feels as safe, relaxed, and as looked-after as possible.

The Importance of Training

Paramedic practicing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR on a dummy
At Human Touch, we pride ourselves on our thorough training. We can promise that every single emergency we deal with will be suit the patient’s specific needs and be as comfortable and as stress-free as possible. When our patients, and the people they are with, know how well our staff are trained, we give all parties involved the ever-important peace of mind that is necessary to deal with an emergency successfully every time.

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