The Importance of First Person on Scene Training

First Person on Scene training (often shortened to FPOS) is essential to the health and safety in your workplace. With the correct training, first aiders are able to quickly assess a situation and provide vital checks and procedures whilst the ambulance is en route, something that can be the difference between life and death in some cases. Let’s take a look at the importance of FPOS.

Cool, Calm and Collected Procedure and Practice

In the event of a serious accident, a first aider with FPOS training should be the only person who touches the injured, moving them safely and calmly to a safe place or position if necessary or performing basic safety procedure as and when needed. Training can ensure that your first aider is prepared for every eventuality, and is quick to implement his or her knowledge.

A man being placed in recovery position after accident

Peace of Mind

If you have your first aiders trained and up to date in FPOS, then staff or customers gain peace of mind that there is a experienced staff member on site to deal with any eventuality, until the paramedics can take over. Whether or not an accident has taken place, people like to know that they are in safe hands.

Saving Lives

If a life is seriously at risk, then FPOS training can make the difference between life and death, providing the knowledge to act quickly, confidently and with the applicable knowledge that comes with the course. A first aider needs the training to understand the best course of action, whether this might be resuscitation or positioning the person so as to breathe easier.

First aid training detail
At Human Touch, we provide intermediate training courses for FPOS that can be vital for health and safety in your workplace. A five day course, with the latter two days covering enhanced skills, the training takes little time for the returns that your staff and business will receive if an emergency ever takes place: we cover everything from safety to patient assessment, respiration to basic life support and defibrillation.

If your business involves practices or procedures that are potentially dangerous, you owe your staff the peace of mind that comes with First Person on Scene training. Contact us today to find out more.

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