The Importance of First Aid Refresher Training

First aid skills save lives. Having qualified first aid trainers on hand in an emergency gives the patient a better chance of survival in a critical situation and ensures that any incident or injury is treated in the safest possible way. However, first aid is like any other skill – it must be practised over time.

In order to keep the knowledge fresh in their mind, first aiders should undergo regular training – and Human Touch can provide you with this as part of our First Aid Training Courses in Peterborough.

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Skill Updates and New Information

While the essence of lifesaving remains the same, some first aid procedures do change over time. As research starts to understand conditions better and allows us more insight into how the body works, things like CPR and bandaging techniques have changed.

The materials and equipment we use are also vastly different today than they were a few years ago – machines like defibrillators and blood glucose checkers are digital, use smart technology and give a more detailed analysis of patient condition. In order to use these machines and apply these techniques safely, first aid professionals need to be updated frequently on any changes to standard practice.

Refreshing Existing Knowledge

As well as passing on new information, refresher courses serve to drive home the knowledge that attendees already have. In a crisis, first aid should be administered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Practice of these skills cuts down the time it takes to treat a patient and as a skill becomes more familiar it allows muscle memory to take over so the first aider can concentrate on managing the wider scene.

Some injuries are rare and it is likely the first aid will never encounter them – just in case they do, it is best to have plenty of practice behind them.

Paramedic practicing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR on a dummy
The law requires that first aid trainers have refresher updates at least every two years and if your budget and time constraints allow then every year is even better. If you would like to discuss an ongoing training schedule for yourself or your workers, you can contact us today and speak to an advisor.

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