The Benefits of First Aid Training

Whether you are hoping to learn first aid for personal reasons or to use within the workplace, having first aid training is an extremely beneficial skill. Medical emergencies are regular occurrences which cannot be avoided, but could be less serious with first aid knowledge. Those extra few minutes of medical attention before an ambulance arrives may determine the difference between life and death.

Here are three reasons why a first aid training course could be beneficial to you:


1. Home Safety

If you have a family, learning first aid may give you the peace of mind that there is someone to assist if ever there was a real emergency. Everyone has an inner drive to protect their family and this is made possible with the necessary training procedures. Having knowledge in first aid is especially relevant if you have young children who are more at risk of injury or illness.


2. Work Safety

A first aid qualification is a life skill which can also be used professionally within your workplace, to assist in emergencies. Many companies look favourably on employees who have had first aid training. They may also decide to enlist employees onto these courses for optimum safety purposes.

You may not understand how to use each item within your first aid kit, however a training course will give you the necessary information. Such knowledge could shorten recovery times when managing injuries. As a trained first aid employee, you will be more aware of the necessary precautions and hazards.


3. Improve Job Opportunities

If you are looking to find a new job role, having a first aid training qualification could boost your chances of employability. Within first aid training, there are many skills that are picked up and can be highly transferable. Skills you may learn could include teamwork, leadership and communication. If you haven’t had any previous employment history, a first training course would be the perfect addition to enhance your CV.

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