The Benefits of Choosing Patient Transport Services

Private patient transport includes a wealth of services and can be used by anyone, private or NHS patients, who just need extra help getting to and from appointments, or indeed to anywhere.


Hospital Parking

Talk to anyone who has had an operation in recent years and they will all say the same thing; parking at the hospital was a nightmare and was hugely expensive. Patient transport eradicates the worry of finding a parking spot and paying for it for the duration of your stay.


Operations, Medical Appointments, or Even an Event

What is so beneficial about patient transportation is the wealth of uses it can provide for those that need help getting around. Most people think that patient transport services are purely for those that need to get to and from the hospital for an operation because they are unable to drive or have no-one to take them. But it can also be used by those who need to make regular trips to the hospital, perhaps because of a chronic condition such as diabetes or for dialysis. Those with mobility issues can even book patient transport services to get from A to B, perhaps for a special occasion that you don’t want to miss.


Helpful Staff

When you choose patient transport services over a friend/family member driving you or a public transport option, you also get the help of friendly, experienced staff who can help with your luggage, will be sympathetic to your situation and are trained in mental health provision.



The extra space in these transport options means there is room for your overnight bag as well as oxygen, a wheelchair, walking sticks and any other paraphernalia, medical or not, that you need to transport with you.

As you can see, booking patient transport services can take the stress out of your medical care. Services can be tailored to your needs whether you need a one-off lift home from the hospital or a weekly journey to a clinic and back. We offer patient transport and ambulance transport in Lincolnshire.

Contact us today for full details on our patient transport services and how we can make your travel easier.

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