Spotlight on: Paediatric Emergency First Aid Training

Usually, when a child falls and hurts themselves, you can kiss and make it better. But what happens when the injury is more serious? Or if a child has a seizure or stops breathing? If you’re working with children, you’ll need to be qualified in paediatric first aid.

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What is Paediatric First Aid?

It’s a first aid that focuses on emergency incidents involving babies and children.

Should I Take the Course?

Yes, if you work with babies or children as a childminder or carer, in a nursery or in a school club.

What Will I Learn?

First, you’ll get an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a paediatric first aider. You’ll also learn how to complete the relevant paperwork and report incidents.

The course will teach you first-aid techniques for dealing with cuts and injuries, obstructed airways and child and infant CPR. You’ll also gain an understanding of how to deal with children and babies who are suffering from the effects of extremes of temperature, anaphylaxis and other types of shock, scalds and burns, as well as bites and stings.

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Paediactric first aid is as comprehensive as possible in covering the different kinds of emergency situations, from those that can occur daily – such as cuts, grazes and nose bleeds – to those that may occur as a result of a chronic medical condition like diabetes, allergic reactions, febrile convulsions and meningitis. You’ll develop a range of skills to cope with a wide range of emergencies.

Will My Skills be Recognised?

If you do your training with us at Human Touch, you’ll receive the QA Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF). This qualification was designed to meet Ofstedā€™s first-aid requirements for early years teachers, nursery workers and childminders, so you’ll be well equipped to work in the childcare sector. This is also an ideal qualification for foster carers and parents who want to safeguard their children’s health and wellbeing.

If you’re interested in taking one of our fully accredited first-aid training courses, then contact us for more details or to make a booking. Paediatric first aid can be a life saver.

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