Spotlight On: Event Medics

Whether you’re planning an event to rival Glastonbury or the local village fete, you’ll need to use an event medics service to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Expect the Unexpected

It’s a legal requirement to put an adequate risk assessment and medical plan in place before you go ahead and organise your event. You’ll need to consider everything from queuing in extreme weather to a major incident like equipment collapse and be prepared to deal with it. Event medics are used to the specifics of dealing with these kinds of emergencies and can use their expertise to help you develop and implement an event medical plan.

Working in partnership with event medics will help you understand the kinds of incidents that are likely to occur and help you plan for those you haven’t experienced. Your event medic service will also liaise with the NHS to make sure that you have emergency services back up.

Tailor Made Solutions

Event medics differ from emergency services in several important ways. By being on site, Event medics provide fast response and a full range of medical care that might include midwives, drug specialists and psychiatric nurses. With GP-led care, event medics are able to balance what an individual needs with their appropriate medical care. This can make all the difference between a positive emergency experience and the negatives associated with missing out on a long anticipated event.

Instructor Teaching First Aid Cpr Technique
By working with highly trained event medics with event specific experience, you can develop a tailor made solution that puts the event goer first without compromising their safety or well-being. And by providing medical staff, field hospitals and ambulances, event medic services can help you take the strain off overstretched emergency services. From a sprained ankle to life saving resuscitation, event medics can cope with any medical situation and offer exemplary, first response care.

Human Touch event medics have the expertise, resources and facilities to offer the most complete and cost effective event medic service for your event, no matter how big or how small. To find out more about our event medic services, please contact us.

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