Putting the Focus on Person-Centred Care

One of the guiding principles of modern health and social care is to provide person-centred care. This may sound obvious, but in the past the focus was more on putting the “patient” first; in other words, seeing an individual in terms of their medical condition.

Person-centred care is a term that’s cropping up increasingly in national media headlines. This is because wide-sweeping changes are needed within health and social services to create the processes, facilities and methods that support this concept. Other headlines sadly deal with incidents in which an individual suffers from the very opposite of personal centred care.

There is an increasing understanding that vulnerable and ill people still need to have their preferences and rights taken into account. Care that is provided in a way that appreciates and understands people in the broadest sense is bound to be better received and more effective.

Change in Health and Social Services

Adhering to the principles of person-centred care impacts on policies, education, protocols, job roles, and even the facilities of today’s health and social provisions. In recent times, concern has been expressed that in the NHS and Social Services the drive for cost savings, efficiencies, and slicker working systems has gone too far. Person-centred care is taking health and social care firmly away from that criticism and will become an increasing catalyst for improvements and change.


How We Apply Person-Centred Care

Human Touch Health Group already takes a person-centred approach in both our transport services and in the training courses we provide.

When people are in our care for Ambulance Transport in Lincolnshire, their physical, mental, and emotional requirements are met and they are respected as a person, not just as someone with a medical condition.

We communicate throughout their time with us; listening as well as providing information. We show concern and provide reassurance, rather than letting efficiency overshadow the “human touch”.

No matter how vulnerable or poorly they are, the people we transport have their rights and dignity protected, and this sometimes means working closely with friends, family, and other professionals. Person-centred care takes into account the need to collaborate and consult with anyone else responsible for caring for an individual.


Helping Others to Adhere to Person-Centred Care

When it comes to our Health Training Courses in the Midlands, we endeavour to provide delegates with the insight, skills, and confidence they need to apply personal centred principles in their work.

For more information about our services and our person-centred care approach, please contact us today.

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