Maintaining Dignity In Special Needs Transport

At Human Touch Health Group we pride ourselves on excellent service and respectful treatment of all our patients. This includes patients with special educational needs (SEN). 1.6m children in the UK are identified as having special educational needs, which represents just under 20% of school-aged children. We believe that these children should be able to travel in comfort and safety.

Making the Journey Easier

Whether it’s attending school, going on an outing or travelling to respite care, we can take you there. We have a wide range of vehicles to ensure we have the right one for your situation and patient’s needs. We can also carry patients on stretchers or wheelchairs.


Medical Needs

We have built a dedicated and passionate team of over 100 highly trained and expert staff to deliver our wide range of services. If clients have special medical needs such as epilepsy, severe allergy, or feeding tubes, staff are fully trained to deal with these on an individual client basis. We run first aid training courses in Peterborough and Health training courses in the Midlands to ensure our staff continue to develop their medical knowledge and understanding of different conditions.


Dignity Guaranteed

Our fully trained staff treat patient’s welfare and dignity highly. They will listen to any concerns you may have before travelling and will involve you in the process; we recommend that a carer or family member accompanies the patient. Staff will always be friendly and approachable, promoting good communication to respect and maintain patient’s dignity. We provide person-centred care, putting their needs before everything else.


Educational Needs

We will give full attention to patients with sensory, communication, behavioural, or social difficulties. We are also trained to work with patients who have significant emotional immaturity and severe learning difficulties, putting health and safety at the fore of everything we do. Assessments will take place before we transport any of our patients to ensure that we match you with the most appropriate staff.

If you’re looking for special needs transport that supports and respects each and every patient, contact us via our website or call us on 01778 338048.

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