Importance of Special Educational Needs Transport

A 2015 report by the Department for Education showed that more than 15 per cent of pupils in English schools were identified as having special educational needs – a total of more than 1.3 million children and young people.

Special educational needs and disabilities can affect a child’s ability to gain full benefit from their education. Unless specific provision is made, they may struggle to learn effectively, to socialise and make friends, and to take part in regular class activities.

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Safe, Reliable Transport

Families with children who have special educational needs require certainty and continuity in their lives. A key aspect of this is the ability to travel without worry. Whether this is for getting to and from school or college, being involved in an outing or simply attending a regular clinical appointment, having confidence that the journey will be completed safely, securely and comfortably is critical for a parent or carer’s peace of mind.

At Human Touch, these principles are embedded in our Special Needs Transport Service. We want children and young people, and those organising their transport, to have absolute confidence in its quality, suitability and reliability.

Vehicles to Meet Every Need

One size most definitely does not fit all when it comes to providing transport for people with special needs.

Our aim is always to match the vehicle to the specific needs of its passengers and the purpose of their journey. We can carry clients with physical mobility issues in their own wheelchair or on a stretcher, or seated if they prefer. If a client has a medical condition which requires the use of feeding tubes, or a condition which could pose a risk to their health and safety such as epilepsy, we always provide the most appropriate vehicle.

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Fully Trained Staff

Just as important as the vehicle are the people accompanying it. Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with all needs and disabilities. We also try to match regular clients with the same teams to build up knowledge, rapport and that all-important continuity of care. And if a parent or carer wants to travel with us, that’s not a problem either.

To find out more about the special needs transport service we offer at Human Touch, please don’t hesitate to¬†contact us today.

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