IHCD Ambulance Technician / Registered Nurses

Your responsibilities include:
• Preparing and driving an emergency and non-emergency vehicle
• Administering medical assessment skills, appropriate treatment and administering suitable drugs in line with Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) and skill and knowledge base
•Transfer patients onto stretchers or carrying devices and load into ambulances, usually with assistance from
crew member
•Prepare and transfer patients appropriately from their homes to the ambulance, which may involve transporting them down stairs using a carry-chair
• Remove and replace soiled linens and equipment in order to maintain sanitary conditions, preparing vehicle and equipment after each and every patient
• Replace supplies and disposable items in vehicles and re-stock
• Report facts concerning accidents or emergencies to manager or hospital personnel
• Lifting and moving patients under emergency / non-emergency conditions, using appropriate equipment where necessary
• Reporting defects and deficiencies of the vehicles and equipment, and replace all items of vehicle inventory used
• Preparation emergency /non-emergency equipment for use
• Providing social care in emergency / non-emergency situations including situations involving death
• Observing and complying with the companies Health and Safety policies and procedures
• Ensure the health and safety of yourself and others affected by all ambulance activities
• Complete all records and returns properly and promptly
• Perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation as per protocol when required
• Provide care to patients with injuries / illness using medical skills
• Provide assistance in emergency situations
• Assess and prioritise medical requirements
• Carry out risk assessments at all incidents to assess hazards, then implement safe systems of work and reduce risks to yourself, patients and other persons involved
• To be responsible for adhering to the companies security policy whilst using or in the proximity of any company computer or medical equipment
You must work within the confines of the said and stated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You must ensure that the above responsibilities are met and such other duties and tasks as are allocated to you at the discretion of the Company that are within your capabilities and within the scope of your post. The Company reserves the right to review your performance on a regular basis. You will unless prevented by ill health devote the whole of your working time attention and abilities to the business of the Company.
You will be required to work as part of a rota and this may include on-call work. The rota may include night and weekend work. Human Touch is an equal opportunities employer.
Equality and Diversity
Human Touch Ambulance Ltd is committed to the fair treatment of all people, regardless of their gender, race, colour, ethnicity, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, religion, disability, mental health needs, age, domestic circumstances, social class, sexuality, beliefs, political allegiance or trades union membership.
Health and Safety
Every employer is required to provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, to ensure the safety of its equipment and premises and, so far as it is reasonable practicable to ensure that all those who might be affected by its operations, both staff and public, are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Human Touch Ambulance Ltd requires all its staff to co-operate in establishing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and to avoid any action which may adversely affect the health, safety and welfare of others.
Infection Control
Infection Prevention and Control: Human Touch Ambulance Ltd is committed to reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections. All employees involved directly or indirectly in the provision of healthcare have a duty to cooperate with the Company Infection Prevention and Control associated Policies and Procedures to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections for patient’s staff and the public. You will be expected to cooperate with colleagues, contractors and other healthcare providers also involved in patient care directly or indirectly so far as is necessary to enable the Company to meet its obligations under the Health and Social Care Act 2008
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults: In accordance with Section 11 of the Children Act (2004) and Department of Heath guidance ‘No secrets’ (2000). Human Touch Ambulance Ltd is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. All staff working with these groups are expected to share a commitment to this. You will be expected to promptly report any concerns relating to the safeguarding of children, young people and / or vulnerable adults in accordance with agreed procedures. If your own conduct in relation to the safeguarding of children, young people or vulnerable adults gives cause for concern the trusts agreed Public Protection Procedures will be followed, alongside implementation of the Disciplinary Procedure where appropriate.
The job description is not exhaustive and is subject to review in the light of the changing needs of the organisation. Any review of this job description will be undertaken in consultation with the postholder.
Job Description
1. Ensure that all patients are able to meet their hygiene needs, providing a level of assistance appropriate to the individual.
2. Ensure patients and relatives needs are met in a courteous, helpful and compassionate manner.
3. Communicate with all members of the team to maintain a good service provision.
4. Assist the qualified nursing, paramedical and medical staff where requested.
5. Prepare patients for ambulance transfer.
6. Assist patients where needed with gaining egress from their home or hospital, and access to ambulances and in to
Hospital building and vice versa.
7. Assist with the general cleaning and stocking up of all areas including ambulances where appropriate in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
8. Measure the physical condition of patients commensurate with training and skills.
9. Carry out certain treatments commensurate with training and skills and within SOPs.
10. Carry out care within scope of practice in an emergency situation including CPR.
11. Drive ambulance in a professional and appropriate manner according to operational protocols and patient’s needs. This may involve emergency driving if required.
12. Move and handle patients from area to area according to risk assessments.
13. Call for medical assistance if required according to scope of practice.
14. Ensure safety of patient, relatives and crew at all times.
15. Work as part of a team but take full responsibility for the care of the patient as a senior member of the team.
16. Administer emergency medication as appropriate to patient need and within scope of practice and within Patient

Group Directives.

Educational and Professional

Develop clinical skills under the guidance of a designated mentor.
Highlight any identified training needs to mentor.
Attend statutory training sessions.
Demonstrate a professional approach to patients, relatives and colleagues.
Develop appropriate care skills for the provision of care.
Maintaining a professional portfolio.
Administration and Clerical
Use the telephone system to access call data.
Handle patient and relative enquiries, ensuring confidentiality is maintained.
Complete patient report forms in a clear manner.
Collect vehicle and put vehicle away at end of shift in storage area in a clean state and restocked.
Inform office of stock issues.

You have a responsibility to consider yourself and anyone else who could be affected by the things you do, or don’t do, that you should have while at work.
You must work as part of a co-operative member of a team.
You must act at all times in the best interests of the Company and uphold its reputation.
You are responsible for informing your manager of any health and safety concerns you identify and for completing an adverse event form for any accidents, incidents or near-misses that happen to you or that you are aware of to reduce injuries or loss.
All staff are required to respect the confidentiality of all matters that they may learn relating to their employment, other members of staff and to the general public. All staff are expected to respect the requirements under the DataProtection Act 1984.
Comply with the Company’s Infection Control Policies, in order to prevent and / or control the spread of infection throughout the Company and wider healthcare community.
This job description reflects the present requirements and objectives of the post, it does not form part of your contract of employment. As the duties of the post change and develop the job description will be reviewed and will be subject to amendment, in consultation with the post-holder.
This post is subject to enhanced Disclosure Criminal Records Bureau clearance.

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