Children’s First Aid: What You Need to Know

Nobody likes to think about a child in distress. But if the worst happens and a child falls ill, it’s better to be prepared.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what basic first aid to deliver in the event of a child or baby suffering an urgent medical problem.


Hopefully, most children will never experience a burn to their skin.

But in the event they do, cool off the burn by running the affected part of the body under cold water from the tap for ten minutes.

It’s advisable to then protect the burn from the elements by covering it with cling film or another plastic covering such as a freezer bag. If these steps do not relieve the pain, or the burn is clearly severe, take the child to the hospital.



As young children’s respiratory systems are not fully developed, it is possible that youngsters can choke even if parents take lots of care.

In the event that a child is choking, hit them on the back between their shoulders to dislodge the object. If that fails, try giving them abdominal thrusts by holding them around the waist and pulling in and up.

Acting quickly and calmly is key in a situation like this. If you cannot dislodge the object, call 999.

Asthma attacks

For the 1.1 million British children with asthma, the condition is usually managed well and asthma-related emergencies are few and far between. But what should you do in the event that you come across a child experiencing an attack?

Firstly, try to get the child to move into a more comfy and restful position, as this will make it easier for them to take their medication.

If they don’t have their inhaler with them, or if their breathlessness or other symptoms worsen, call 999 immediately.

Happy siblings on a camping trip

First aid is a useful skill and really could save the life of a child or adult. Are you looking for first aid training courses in Lincolnshire? Contact us at Human Touch today to hear more about what sessions we have on offer.

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