Our First Person on Scene (FPOS) course is designed to give additional skills to the first aider where ambulance response times are likely to be extended. Throughout the training individuals will be taught the skills associated with rapid assessment, stablisation and transfer of both the trauma victims and those suffering a medical emergency.

First Person on Scene (FPOS) course will develop individuals helping them to gain a foundation knowledge enabling them to work alone or as part of a team in a variety of situations and locations around the world.

This is a 5 day course. The first 3 days of the course are First Person on Scene (FPOS) which is approved by Edexcel and is IHCD managed. The additional 2 days are for those who may require enhanced skills. The training you will receive will include theoretical lectures and realistic practical sessions designed to offer students the opportunity to practice their new found skills.

Our instructors are qualified with a variety of clinical and emergency medical backgrounds from Paramedics to Nurses, all with recent operational experience.

The course covers a number of topics, including;

The Pre-Hospital Environment, this includes the role of the First Person on Scene, Scene Safety, Scene Management, Minimising the risk of infection and Post incident procedures.

Patient Assessment, this covers Communicating with patients, Primary Survey, Examination and assessment and finally safe moving and handling.

Respiration and Airway Management including Recognition of respiratory problems, common breathing difficulties, basic airway management, use of suction, airway adjuncts, oxygen and ventilation support.

Basic life support for adults, children and infants.

Automatic external defibrillation.

Circulation and shock which covers the recognition and initial care of bleeding and shock including faints.

Medical Related Injuries including Heart Attack, Angina, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy, Asthma, Anaphylxis and Unconscious casualties.

Trauma related injuries which covers fractures, sprains strains ans dislocations, burns and scalds, crash helmet removal and Skeletal stabilisation. The stabilisation section covers the use of a large amount of equipment and is very hands on. Students can expect to use cervical collars, splints (box, traction and vacuum), KED, orthopedic (scoop) stretcher, long boards and ambulance trolley.

Course Length

This course will take 5 days to complete.


This course provides for a 3 year Edexcel/IHCD certification.

First Person On Scene (FPOS) Syllabus

Pre-Hospital Environment:
The role of FPOS.
Scene safety.
Minimising the risk of infection.
Post-incident procedures.
Scene management (safety, triage).

Patient Assessment:
Communicating with patients.
Primary Survey and assessment.
Safe moving and handling.

Respiration and Airway Management:
Recognition of respitory problems.
Common breathing difficulties.
Basic airway management (causes of blocked airways, opening/maintaining a clear airway, choking).
Use of suction.
Removal of crash helmets.
Use of Oro-Pharyngeal airways.
Oxygen Supplementation.

Basic Life Support:
Perform basic life support.
Recovery position.
Life support for infants and children.

Automated external defibrillation.
Normal/abnormal heart rhythms.

Circulation and Shock:
Recognizing and initial care of haemorrhage.

Medical Related Emergencies:
Heart attack/angina.

Extended Skills (dependant on course requirements):
Assisting with Cannulation and Fluid therapy.

Assisting with Advanced Airway Management
Advanced trauma (head, chest, abdominal, extremity).
Haemorrhage management.

First Person On Scene (FPOS) Pricing

The cost for individual places on our FPOS course is £495 +VAT. This includes a course manual and HSE certificate.

Pricing options are available for groups of people and, if required, we can run this course from a location of your choice. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our professional trainers via phone or email.

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